Hosts: DJ Hamouris and Erin Mae Lewis

New talks twice monthly. Subscribe to @dulcimoon for updates & notifications HERE.

Hosts: DJ Hamouris and Erin Mae Lewis

In these talks, we reach out to women leaders, teachers, producers, and artists in the dulcimer community. We engage in conversation about their personal musical journeys with dulcimers, following the stream of inspiration each woman shares. Our guests are often deeply involved in professions outside the musical world, yet prize the time spent teaching, practicing, performing and producing for the dulcimer world at large. The conversations are wide-reaching and just darn fun, much like conversations shared over meals at festivals. Going into them we already know we love what we do and share with students, audiences, and festival goers. Dulcimoon is honored to share these conversations.

New talks twice monthly. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Here to join live talks and for updates & notifications.

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