Learning & Mastering TablEdit — The Series! (all levels)


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Learning & Mastering TablEdit — The Series! (all levels)


4-week class on TablEdit for mountain dulcimer arrangements.

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Instructor: Melanie Johnston

Sept 9, 16, 30 and Oct 7 (skips 9/23)
12-1:30pm Pacific/3-4:30pm Eastern
$160.00 - 50% scholarships available (request dj@dulcimoon.com)

Description: This series of four classes is designed for sequenced learning of the Tabledit program. Each successive class builds on skills and knowledge from the previous class. The series is 4 classes given over 4 weeks. This allows time following each class, to put learning into practice.

At the end of the series, students will have a solid base of knowledge to create tablature for Mountain Dulcimer and be able to take advantage of all the features this great program has to offer. They will also have resources and references for problem solving once on their own and using the program.

This class will cover using TablEdit on a PC or MAC. There will not be instruction specific to tablet versions of the program.

Classes will be taught on zoom using a PC and the PC version of the program. Instructions for MAC will be provided verbally and differences between the PC and MAC will be noted.

Class #1Let’s Start at the Very Beginning...
In this class we will start with a brief overview of the program and its usefulness for dulcimer tablature. We will discuss and set up choices for the General, Display, Preferences, Screen, Advanced and Multitrack sections of the program. We will move from there to set up instrument voice, time signature, key signature, title, tuning, pick-up measures, clef, and number of strings. Along the way we will discuss sources for music to tab, how to determine the string tuning and capo consideration to use for tunes written in common dulcimer-friendly keys and the challenge of accidentals. We will also talk about creating and using templates.

Class #2 – Easy Entry
Automatic rests, Reading Guides, Auto-Advance, Note Duration Quick Entry…… what’s it all about? Which ones should you use and why?  In class we will enter a tune from standard notation and one from hand-written tab. As we enter the music, we will put into practice and see the effects of the set-up choices we made in class 1. Additionally, we will use two methods to copy and paste measures, and use the “Reading List” to create repeats, 1st and 2nd endings etc. After all that, we will proof the piece by listening to it and evaluate the choices made by Tabledit for frets and strings. We will fix and adjust as needed.

Class #3 – Harmony, Text and Special Effects
Do you plan to create a variation, harmony or bass part of your arrangement? If so, you need to learn how to use the Module function. In this class we will create a module, talk about the “rules” for modules and look at Line Mode vs Page Mode. We will then listen to the modules separately and together.
We all know how helpful adding chord letters to arrangements can be. We will learn how to enter them and adjust the position. I have a couple of really helpful tricks and cautions to show you here!
And then there are lyrics! We will enter those as well.
Lastly we will enter a couple of special effects, e.g hammer-on, pull-off, slide, triplet...

Class #4 – Print and Play
Surprisingly, printing out your beautifully written tablature so that it looks just the way you envisioned can be a challenge! In this class we will learn how to set fonts, adjust spacing, print size, specify the measures per line then over-ride that for specific lines and force page breaks. We will look at the choices for printing one or more modules and tab only or tab and standard notation. We will learn to circle or color certain tab numbers and hide non-melody notes in the standard notation for a cleaner appearance.
Once you have a good Tabledit file (.tef) you can use it as an auditory study aid to help students. This is especially useful to students who do not read music well and are helped by being able to hear the music. We will learn what you and your students need to know to use this feature.

Class Requirements
While it is possible to audit these classes and take notes, students will get the most from the course by watching the classes on a tablet or second computer and having a computer with TablEdit running so they can try things and work the sample exercises in real time.

TablEdit is available at https://tabledit.com/ for about $60. If you are not yet ready to purchase the program, you can download and work with the Demo version. Be sure to look for the version for your computer ie PC or MAC,
A complete handout will be provided prior to class.
Classes will be recorded and video files made available to attendees for reference after class.

Melanie is from Asheville, NC and has been playing dulcimer since 2001 when her husband Mack, introduced her to the instrument. Now retired from a career in Healthcare Administration, she is thoroughly enjoying her second career as a musician. Melanie has a special interest in helping arrangers use TablEdit to make clear, helpful tablature for students. To this end, she teaches TablEdit at festivals and has written instruction books in it for PC and MAC. In addition to teaching, Melanie performs with Mack as “Heartstrings” in the Asheville area including at the Biltmore Estate, the NC Arboretum and in the River Arts District.


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